21/08/2020 às 00:40 Dance

Spectacle " Encontros "

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After months full of hard work and emotions, the dance show Encontros was finally shown on stage the 6th, 7th and 8th of July in Neimenster. The 10 dancers gave their body and soul to the audience who responded with great applauses and standing ovations. Thank you to all those that make this encounter come true. To all the dancers that performed,  to the wonderfull and receptive audience. To all those that helped with the preparations, to those who supported the project in any possible way and to those that were helping behind the scenes. Thank you to the photographers and a special thanks to the choreographers! Thank you to all the dancelovers that appreciate and enjoy this Wonderfull art.

Spectacle " Encontros "

Direction artistique & chorégraphe : Moa Nunes Silva

Invités chorégraphes : Fernando Lima & Giovanni Zazzera

Eclairage Video montage : Tudor de JonghePhotograph: Oziel Montibeler


Luxembourg - Abbaye Neumunster - 2018

21 Ago 2020

Spectacle " Encontros "

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